The Last Lights of a Dying Universe (Single)

by Helix Nebula

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released January 6, 2017

Mike Vera: Vocals
Rubén Vera: Guitars
Alberto Baeza: Guitars
Héctor Cobo: Bass
Daniel García: Drums
Javi Fuentes: Keyboards

David Aldana: Vocals

Mixed and mastering by David Varas and Mike Vera.
Artwork by Adri Anomia and Mike Vera.




Helix Nebula Madrid, Spain

Helix Nebula was founded in 2008 in Rivas Vaciamadrid (near Madrid, Spain) as a melodic death metal project with progressive elements.

In 2013 the band release their first album "In the Beginning of Time" a digital five-track EP and a two-track demo called A new Era.

In 2016 the band publishes their first LP, The Last Lights of a Dying Universe.
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Track Name: The Last Lights of a Dying Universe (Single)
For all my life I looked for you
and now in my Final Hour
the field of Eternity extends in front of me
But I have no words to say
So many friends that fell in this pursuit
And their memories come now to my mind
Now that I have reached the end
I face the Emptiness with fear in my heart
So many paths I have walked
And now my soul is hopeless
My quest was a futile effort
And just now I realize the Truth
That never existed something to fight for
Or to commune with
I looked in the sky
For a divine presence
That could guide men
to an eternal life
A Rose of red leaves
where I could lie
and feel in my heart
the divine warmness

But instead I found an immense frozen lake
Where hope and dreams
are buried in it
A Dragon stands weeping
waving its dark wings
and I feel in my soul
its terrorful cold

Misery and fear reigns in this world
Nihil surrounds the Cosmos
But a light in the sky
Shines like a pale dot
radiance of hope
That I’ve been looking for
The life leaves me
As I admire you
Now! I just feel the cruel regrets
of a wasted life. Fear!
For the Emptiness extends
in front of me
The darkness that buries my hope
Is now growing with my pain
My quest has come to a bitter end
The life abandons my body
As the last lights of a dying universe shine

Now that darkness surrounds me
terror embraces my soul
And I have to face it
by my own

Now I see the faces of my friends
that join in me in this fatal quest
All the nights that we spend
Talking about our denied glory

I Wonder if they see me if thy light guides them
through the dark paths of the Existence
I Wonder why I had to spend my life looking for you
through the barren worlds of grey stones
I Wonder if you deserve all the blood spilled
I Wonder if we really need your light
The white maiden now smiles and guide me to the eternal dream
Oh her kiss…