The Last Lights of a Dying Universe

by Helix Nebula

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The Last Lights of a Dying Universe is the first LP by the spanish melodic progressive metal band Helix Nebula.


released July 9, 2016

Mike Vera: Vocals
Rubén Vera: Guitars
Alberto Baeza: Guitars
Héctor Cobo: Bass
Daniel García: Drums

Alex García: Keyboards on God is God?, Soul Reaver, Then the Demons Awake, Dawn of War, Black Flames of Chaos, Shadows in Darkness.
Paula Schultz: Vocals on Dawn of War, Shadows in Darkness.
Alfa Ruíz: Vocals on Dawn of War.
David Aldana: Vocals on The Last Lights of a Dying Universe.

Mixed and mastering by David Varas.
Artwork by Adri Anomia.




Helix Nebula Madrid, Spain

Helix Nebula was founded in 2008 in Rivas Vaciamadrid (near Madrid, Spain) as a melodic death metal project with progressive elements.

In 2013 the band release their first album "In the Beginning of Time" a digital five-track EP and a two-track demo called A new Era.

In 2016 the band publishes their first LP, The Last Lights of a Dying Universe.
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Track Name: Intro
The dragons have flight through the blackness for eons, looking for the ones who will break the equilibrium of Cosmos, as an ancient prophecy says.
Now they see a pale blue dot lost in the vastness of the Universe. They see the virus of mankind expanding with no control and they know their quest have just beginning.
The Dragons are flying now, ready to bring war, chaos, death.
Our time has just ended.
Track Name: God is God?
I Walk alone and barefoot
wandering by desolated bloodstained lands.
My tears are routine in a world ruled by evilness.

Images from a past invade my mind.
Images from a clash beetween good an evil.

Loneliness in my heart
caused by demons disguised as preachers.

Imagine that God never beat thats is why despair invades your soul
I want to wake upo, forget this cruelty
see a world without pain and suffering.

To erradicate all the pain fed by God and this followers
o carry the light to darkness and hope to inequallity.
Sky will be blue again
The angels' wings will turn back white
and the true God will Rise again.
Track Name: Soul Reaver
Hell's waiting patienlly for the one
who will put an end to your tiranny
since the beginning of time
From his throne of blood, he'll rises and pull your souls down till the depths of Hell.

Fear, Pain, repetance, your lives will feel
Strife punish, kill, run for your souls.

Soul Reaver is waiting for you in Hell
There will be no sympathy, no escape, no redeption.

We call you out Soul Reaver to free the Earth from Tyranny.

Now Mankind can live in peace. Light followed darkness and eventually, they ascend to Heaven
Track Name: Night Angel
Broken childhood, shattered memories
Who I am remains a mistery.
Hunting and chasing, soon you'll be praying
for your life and for your pain to end

Scattering the rest of my people
justice is being made tonight.
What is the price of returning to a full of grief life.

Neiither can I live nor die
never will I love after this
I tried not to kill, tried to run away.
And now I am to blame
Never I believe in gods
for what I have gone through.
Now she's been taken and I've been forsaken.

The final battle has begun
Evil's inside within her soul
The final battle has begun
I am ready
Track Name: When the Demons awake
Hey! welcome to a world of cruelty and pain
where children starve and sinners live like gods.
A real nightmare in a world devastated by the fallen
there's only a solutio, ti fight till the end.

Here they come, don't you try, or you will bleed out.
It's too late to regret. Now kneel down and cry.

For a lifetime have they enslaved the human race
despite of the innocence of children and women.
Hell's bell vibrate with every corrupt soul being
Bornd and are reaching their limit
They are opening.

When the demons awake the nighntmares will come
from the depths of Hell.
When the Hell's gate are opened the darkest fears invade your mind

Now it's your final, after eons ruling from the shadows.
You have no time to amend your sins
Pain and death is all they deserve. They will be punished by the flames of eternal fire.
Track Name: Dawn of War
The war comes to our door and I feel it is time to die
my cold hands will take the gun to destroy our enemies.
We are ready to fight for the glory of our people
defeat is not an option.
Victory will rule our destiny.
We go to the battlefield eager to kill and fight
marching to the combat guided by our hate and our fury.
The bullets whistle over us as we running with our axes
Screaming as berserkers
We face our death to take their lives.

Destroy the enemy’s battlefront, feed the ground with their blood.
Look at the enemy’s corpses and pray to ancient gods.
Run if you want to save your life but you should know that they
can smell your blood.
Fight if you want to save your soul and show your bravery
destroying your foe.
Track Name: Son of Antares
Far away from home I wait for the divine sign
that makes me blow this fucking planet up
that is always stuck in wars
Son of the King banished among trash like humankind
waiting for the Sun to come run away
from this fake reality

Now you are wakening up, that is unacceptable
you will die like bugs and will get your father forgiveness

I am the guardians of stars. My fate is return to the Sun
Son of Antares I am, madness and hatred I bring in my heart
The fury and the flame will command the destiny of humankind

I am the son of the stars living in this fucking planet
I am the son of the stars, returning to the Sun is my fate

I want Immortalit and walk over the flames and watch your world falling down.
Track Name: Black Flames of Chaos
Can you see the black flames in the sky?
The signs of an incoming endless war

Dragons will bring seeds an ashes of destruction
Demons will burn in the black flames of chaos

In black flames of chaos gifts of freedom shall reborn
Under the dark hell heretics of mankind will burn

So many years of slavery, fear and pain
Were the main cause of extinction

Humankind will be born again from blood and tears

In black flames of chaos gifts of freedom shall reborn
Under the dark hell heretics of mankind will burn

Can you see the black flames in the sky?
The signs of an incoming endless war
Demons will burn in the black flames of chaos
Track Name: Shadows in Darkness
Chained off from the world in a place ruled by shadows
just contemplate illusions and mirages that flood my soul of doubts and suffering
Day after day the voices invade my mind but I only see shadows corrupting my heart.
I cannot escape. I cannot scream.
I can only implore God to let me free.

I want to know the world beyond me.
I want to escape from this dark underworld.

Walking towards knowledge and forget the shadows of pain
Leaving the chains that bind me to the darkness
and discover the true knowledge.
My chains are broken by the force of my hope and now
I can escape from this underworld stone.
Open my mind, open my heart
the wisdom penetrates in me and free my soul.

I see light and the end of the cave, strange feelings haunt me.
Step by step I advance toward a new world full of wisdom
where shadows will exist only in the hearts of men.

All my life I’ve been chained without knowing the wonders of human knowledge
but I’m free to recover all those lost years.
Track Name: The Last Lights of a Dying Universe
For all my life I have looking for you
and now in my Final Hour
the field of Eternity extends in front of me
But I have no words to say
So many friends that fell in this pursuit
And their memories come now to my mind
Now that I have reached the end
I face the Emptiness with fear in my heart
So many paths I have walked
And now my soul is hopeless
My quest was a futile effort
And just now I realize the Truth
That never existed something to fight for
Or to commune with
I looked in the sky
For a divine presence
That could guide men
to an eternal life
And a Rose of red leaves
where I could lie
and feel in my heart
the divine warmness

But instead I found an immense frozen lake
Where hope and dreams
are buried in it
And a Dragon stands weeping
waving its dark wings
and I feel in my soul
its terrorful cold

Misery and fear reigns in this world
Nihil surrounds the Cosmos
But a light in the sky
Shines like a pale dot
radiance of hope
That I’ve looking for
The life leaves me
As I admire you
Now! I just feel the cruel regrets
of a wasted life. Fear!
For the Emptiness extends
in front of me
The darkness that bury my hope
Is now growing with my pain
My quest has come to a bitter end
The life abandons my body
As the last lights of a dying universe shine

Now that darkness surrounds me
terror embraces my soul
And I have to face it
by my own

Now I see the faces of my friends
that join in me in this fatal quest
All the nights that we spend
Talking about our denied glory

I Wonder if they see me if thy light guides them
through the darks paths of the Existence
I Wonder why I had to spend my life looking for you
through the barren worlds of grey stones
I Wonder if you deserve all the blood spilled
I Wonder if we really need your light
The white maiden now smiles and guide me to the eternal dream
Oh her kiss…